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Curriculum Approach

Children’s International combines and implements various curricula such as the Creative Curriculum and Reggio Emilia Curriculum. 

The Reggio Emilia Curriculum is based on an Italian early childhood creative arts program known throughout the world as one of the best preschool programs. The curriculum recognizes parents as the primary educators in children’s lives and emphasizes a strong parent/teacher partnership in all aspects of the program. The Creative Curriculum is the country’s leading scientifically based, comprehensive curriculum for programs serving children from birth to age 5. The Creative Curriculum is integrated with high-quality assessment, professional development, and family connection resources to create a well-rounded program that addresses the needs of early childhood education professionals, children, and their families. 

The overall curriculum philosophy of CIS honors creativity, multiculturalism and respects the fact that children learn at their own pace. Teachers ask questions that expand children’s play and support a positive self-concept. Though our schools follow a “learning through play” curriculum, there is a broad spectrum of activities that each child can choose from daily. The classroom environment is structured to maximize the children’s learning through active exploration and interactions with adults, other children and materials.  


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