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CIS News and Announcements 

An Unlikely Partnership
By Mary Dallao

It's a windy Sunday morning in April and cars are speeding past a nondescript patch of land near the foot of the Key Bridge. The patch of land even has a name—Rosslyn Circle—but probably few know it or could direct you to it if asked.
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We’re Digging This Spring
By TreeStewards

Pre-schoolers from the Children’s International School in Rosslyn joined their parents and grandparents Sunday, April 29, in planting 32 trees in a previously weedy area along the southbound George Washington Memorial Parkway ramp to Key Bridge. For the complete article, please click here


The 2020 edition of Northern Virginia magazine included Children's International School as part of their Top Day Cares and Preschools in Northern VA.


About Children’s International School:

A multi-cultural, full-day preschool, Children’s International School (CIS)  has a mission to provide young children from multicultural backgrounds with a high-quality learning environment. And since Beatrice Tierney founded the school in 1985, three additional locations have opened across Northern Virginia. Each location provides a variety of extracurricular activities that include music, dance, language and literacy while children as young as pre-k are offered multilingual language courses. CIS’s educational approach is to enrich, encourage and instruct children to ensure bright futures and nurtured minds, bodies and sprits through challenging curriculum and a safe and caring environment. However, the learning experience is found not only in the classroom. Field trips frequently involve local museums, the National Zoo and many destinations in the local community such as playgrounds, libraries, galleries, nurseries and the fire department.

Children’s International School recognizes parents as the primary educators in their children’s lives and promotes a strong partnership between the child’s teacher and parent as well as a healthy involvement in the child’s daily school activities. It takes more than a bright mind and able body to live a happy and purposeful life, so CIS strives to also teach students important lessons that build character and nurture the spirit. Infants through school age children can feel safe, educated and nurtured in the care of CIS’s team of dedicated and devoted teachers.

Passionate about their calling, teachers at Children’s International School have a lasting influence in each of their students’ lives. This passion found within CIS extends far beyond the classroom. As a part of their global outreach efforts, the CIS leadership team helps support the Arlington Academy of Hope, a non-profit organization that provides education to children in rural Uganda as well as travel abroad to provide teacher training and education for at-risk children. In addition, CIS has adopted a sister school in Uganda, which serves children with learning disabilities. The expertise and enthusiasm found within the staff at Children’s International School truly makes a difference in each student’s life.



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