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About CIS

The Children’s International School (CIS) opened its first location back in 1985, and ever since, we have provided children with a responsive, caring, nurturing, and enriched environment where differentially learning strategies are facilitated by staff committed to the early childhood profession.

Lead by visionary administrators, CIS operates a total of four schools. The fourth location is part of a government facility contract that has been awarded to CIS over the past ten years.


Accustomed to working with diverse families, we provide a culturally sensitive and relevant approach to childhood education. All of our programs provide full-time child care, Monday - Friday, throughout the year. Employing 50 staff members, within four centers, CIS proudly boasts of having many long term employees that have consistently demonstrated a commitment to the betterment of young children.


Comprehensive in design and rooted in the principles and practices of NAEYC, CIS provides a developmentally appropriate curriculum, that is implemented by qualified teachers who are proactive about assessing the needs of each child. Valuing the connection between families and the community, CIS operates a safe and healthy program that has positive relationships with adults and children.



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