Saskia Swider
Director, Alexandria

I have been working with CIS for 18 years, and I feel fortunate to be a part of the well-known and respected organization. In 1991, my family arrived in Alexandria from overseas and my eldest child was ready to start pre-school. Subsequently my son started at CIS in Alexandria, and as a parent I always felt that the CIS staff was excellent and their love for the children in their care is amazing!

Finally, in 1993, I decided to make the switch from parent to CIS employee! Although, many years ago, I worked with older children teaching them English as a Second Language, and then even went on to obtain an International Law degree and work in the legal field, I continue to truly enjoy working with preschool age children because here I have the opportunity to have a direct and positive influence on their future success n school and life.

I have seen CIS grow from two locations to four and always felt that the ‘hands on approach’ of the CIS leadership has truly made a difference in children’s lives. To this day, we have alumni visit us and volunteer for us, and it is wonderful to see that the children fondly remember their days here at CIS!